Motor Vehicle Accidents in Australia: What Causes the Crash?

Published on March 11, 2014

When we think of Australia, beautiful beaches, warm weather and terrifying spiders tend to flood our predisposed minds. Yet despite of all Oz’s beauty and quirks, there is one downside to this otherwise pleasant paradise: negligent drivers.

Every nation has their fair share of reckless drivers behind the wheel; after all, motor vehicle accidents occur every 60 seconds across the world. Unfortunately, Australia is no exception, with an annual 600,000 reported road crashes, 200,000 reported injuries, and 22,000 serious injuries that require long-term care and treatment. An even more tragic fact lies in the estimated 1,700 Australians who are killed each year in devastating road accidents.

While many people have experienced the dreaded “fender-bender” at some point in time, when do collisions become the careless consequences induced by driver negligence? To shed some light onto the causes behind these frequently-preventable crashes, take a look at our latest infographic to gauge the top five causes of automobile accidents in Australia.

Motor Vehicle Accident Infographic



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